Hi, I'm Desiree and I draw things when I get overly-invested in stories!
My art tag is "shorelle draws", my taste is questionable at best.

First set of Star Wars bookmarks for BrisNova – starting with the original trio, of course! \o/

I’m sorry that I’ve been really behind on replies and requests lately, because of a slight panic about prints (and general life things), but thank you all for being lovely!

Hey guys!! So, exciting (and sorta terrifying) news – me and the lovely Jinberry have put in an application to share an artist table at Brisbane Supanova 2014!

So if all goes well, we’ll be heading up to Brisbane on 28-30 November this year! which also means I have about 2 months to make a frickload of prints to actually sell. ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋ 

I’m excited but also super nervous because I’ve never tabled at a con before, and just to be really presumptuous and do some ~market research~… what sort of art prints/fandoms would you like to see?

(I’m currently mainly planning Star Wars, Adventure Time, Game of Thrones/ASOIAF, Avatar, maybe HP and Marvel and miscellaneous sci-fi/crossovers… in regular prints and bookmarks, maybe some stickers??) I’ll also be selling them online after the con especially if I sell absolutely nothing there hahaha so please let me know if you have any suggestions! :D

I’m on the edge of glory,
and I’m hanging on a moment of truth
Out on the edge of glory,
and I’m hanging on a moment with you

because I have WAY too many feelings about genderbent Star Wars… more Rule 63 Anakin and Padme drawings, this time just on Episode II because this movie had some wonderfully vivid scenes, and the “Edge of Glory" (both the song and phrase) evokes a lot of the feeling and themes I get from this point in the story….

Anonymous: Have you seen the musical Wicked? I think No Good Deed is quite a good Anakin song (with Padme as his Fiyero)

Yes, it’s actually one of my favourite musicals ever!

Ahh that’s a cool comparison too – and I can totally see Anakin in a more villainous rendition of Defying Gravity. I think what we’re getting out of this is that Anakin was clearly meant for Broadway :P

Anonymous: Hi! A, I love your art and I'm a big Star Wars fan, so I'm so happy to have stumbled upon yours and Matereya's blogs! B, I'm in a rather difficult situation--I enjoy the Star Wars prequels, while my parents are die-hard fans and they obviously despise them. I know you give pretty good advice, so what do you think I should do?

Hiii and thank you so much!! (I’m a big fan of Matereya too and so glad she draws such awesome SW art :Db)

That sucks, though, I understand how difficult it can be when you’re around people who really hate/put down the things you love. Of course, trying to change anyone’s opinion is also a frustrating and generally futile effort, because these things can be very personal! (it could be they grew up with the OT and the PT really disappointed them, or it could be something else they feel strongly about.) 

Personally, I’ve found the best way is to just adopt the “live and let live” attitude yourself, be open about the parts of Star Wars you like, try not to get too involved in arguments about it if it’s not a constructive discussion, generally when you’re just casually positive and good-humoured about something people will respond in kind or leave it alone. :) And of course, if you’re feeling run down about it, fandom and finding people who like the PT and the parts of Star Wars you want to talk about can help a lot!


Anonymous: hey, i made a blog for my art yesterday but i'm just not sure at all how to get followers. any help?

Hi anon, I’m glad you started an art blog too! :D

Hmm to be honest I’m still not too sure how it works either, apart from “keep posting art” – I started off with not many followers for a long time, and it’s just slowly built up over time as I’ve posted more stuff (and hopefully also improved over time!)

Being active in the community helps too, so following and talking to artists whose work you enjoy (and if you draw fanart, people in the same fandom) can make people aware of your blog and will generally make being on tumblr more fun :) I’m not sure how long you’ve been on tumblr and you might know this already, but when tagging your posts only the first five tags show up on the public tag search, so that’s something to keep in mind too!

And of course, draw the things you enjoy drawing and don’t stress too much about numbers (though I understand that getting recognition and feedback can be really encouraging too), because it doesn’t determine the worth of your art or how much enjoyment you can get from it :) Good luck with your artblog!!

The Marauders (and Snape and Lily) as Star Wars characters AU…..

I’ve been on a random HP nostalgia kick recently so this was probably inevitable XD But hey, they grew up in the 70s so the first Star Wars would have actually been in theatres then?? (ignoring the time-travelling EU and prequel costumes, and any implied family relations!)

Some of these are a bit random – I was tossing up between making Peter be Anakin since he also literally loses an arm, but Snape and Anakin just have a lot of narrative parallels (a.k.a. Mr “tragic anti-hero/villain guy with a somewhat… intense… love for a childhood friend who makes the worst life decisions and destroys everyone they love but turns back from the Dark Side with much controversy”) … aaand my hand slipped. ¯\_(シ)_/¯

Anonymous: Would you ever draw an Instagram for Luke, like you did for Anakin?

Hi anon! Ahh this has come up a few times… I’m so sorry I’m so terrible at continuing things (because I have the world’s worst attention span), but a Luke version would be awesome, if I get any ideas I would love to try it! :D

Anonymous: Ever tried star trek? It's really really good (not star wars) but good!

Heya! Sooort of – in that I’ve only seen the two new reboot movies, and thought they were fun, but I still need to watch the actual show! (I’ve heard it’s quite different in tone?)

Anonymous: If you could live on any planet in the Star Wars universe, where would you reside?

I’m going to be really unimaginative and choose either Naboo or Coruscant :D

Because Naboo is just beautiful, and seems quite peaceful/progressive and a nice place to live. But I’d also like Coruscant because I’m a pretty big fan of big metropolitan cities too – there’s just so much variety and action. Not to mention the shiny modern/industrial aesthetic.

I imagine rent there would be insane, though – in reality I’d probably be a struggling engineer either on Coruscant or some other inner/mid-rim planet…